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Gear news: All goals lead back to Rome gloves – Maverik launches behind-the-scenes film, Posted 2/29/12

Maverik today released its latest film in the company’s “Evolve The Player, Advance The Game” series. Director Jay Jalbert provides a behind the scenes glimpse at Maverik’s product team as they discuss the research, development and groundbreaking technology that lead to the creation of the ROME gloves.

Notre Dame custom Maverik Rome gloves

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Product Specs:

The Rome Glove is the result of extensive research and development efforts, with innovative contribution from Maverik’s all-star roster of athletes. Johnny Christmas was instrumental in the design of this product, insisting on new DuraStretch fibers in the palms and fingers for unhindered flex. Seamless Palm and Sharkskin add supreme durability and feel. Also new for 2012, XFoam technology minimizes impact while the Thermoblast coating ensures maximum cooling and comfort. Rome is Maverik engineering worthy of the gladiators who wear them.

Tech Features:

Seamless Palm
BeatDown Liner

Sizes: 12″ and 13″

Player Gloves MAP $174.99
Goalie Gloves MAP $184.99

Stock Colors: Black, Red, Navy, Royal, Forest, Maroon, Orange, White

Currently Accepting Custom Team Orders: Contact – for details.

Gear news: Maverik commercial ‘The Future is Here’ shows game being passed down to all levels

By Chris Goldberg, Posted 2/20/12

Maverik Lacrosse announced today the launch of “The Future is Here,” the latest commercial in Maverik Lacrosse’ Evolve the Player, Advance the Game campaign.

Maverik's Drew Adams (from left), Jovan Miller and Peet Poillon pose with haverford School freshman Grant Ament on the set of the new commercial

The commercial first debuted during ESPNU’s season opener between Towson University and John Hopkins University on Friday, February 17th and will air throughout EPSN, ESPN2 and ESPNU’s coverage of the 2012 men’s lacrosse season.

The Future is Here features a roster of Maverik athletes, including  John Christmas,  Peet Pollion, Joe Cinosky and Billy Bitter. To view the commercial click here or visit the Maverik Lacrosse Facebook page at:

The first scene of the commercial shows endorsed athlete Poillon (Chesapeake Bayhawks) ripping shots into the cages at the newly-constructed turf field at Shipley School. Suddenly he looks to the other side of the field where Grant Ament, a freshman at Haverford School (PA), drops his equipment to begin shooting on his own.

Christmas, the former Virginia great and a longtime Maverik sales rep, helped bring one of the scenes of the commercial to a Philadelphia playground where several members of the LEAPS Lacrosse program are shown.

The scene opens with Christmas instructing several youth members of the LEAPS program. The scene also features St. Joseph’s Prep (PA) sophomore Chase Young, a Michigan commit who is seen firing a hard shot into the goal while Christmas flashes a wide smile.

Other scenes include a high school player passing to himself off a barn wall in a very rural setting as well as three young boys playing on a beach on a fall-like climate. Each time, a Maverik athlete witnesses the action and grins in appreciation of seeing youth in all regions enjoying the sport.

Maverik officials pointed out that The Future is Here embodies the overall theme of the Evolve the Player, Advance the Game campaign- a passing of the torch to the next generation of lacrosse players. The 60-second cut is more reminiscent of an inspirational sports film than a traditional product focused commercial. The various backdrops were chosen to reflect areas of the country in which the sport is growing and represents Maverik’s continuing efforts to bring the sport to new audiences.

“The goal was to do something different this year,” said director Jay Jalbert. “Working closely with Maverik’s marketing team, we came up with a commercial concept that we hope will not just inspire and motivate, but also convey the respect all lacrosse players have for each other.”

“Maverik Lacrosse is about the growth and development of student athletes from all parts of the country and beyond,” said John Gagliardi, Founder and President of Maverik Lacrosse. “We will continue to work closely with players from all over to create innovative lacrosse equipment and help advance the game we love.”

“We’ve been talking about the concept for a few years and we’ve been trying to iron out the messaging and execution and this year is felt right,” said Michael Chepucavage, Maverik Marketing Director. “The lacrosse all-stars are pushing the message of growing the game. “

Chepucavage thanked Shipley School’s athletic department and the LEAPS program for hosting the scenes. Also assisting at Shipley was Maverik’s Drew Adams, a former All-American at Springfield-Delco at Penn State and a standout on the Long Island Lizards, and Jovan Miller

“We were able to execute a few deals in Philly that came out nicely,” he said. “We appreciate the generosity of the programs and coaches at Shipley and for LEAPS program getting kids coming out. It really was a team effort.

“John’s efforts as a sales rep and work on the community do not go unrecognized. He has done so much in Philly to grow the game.”