US Lacrosse reports that two popular models do not meet NOCSAE helmet standards, Posted 11/24/14
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US Lacrosse, the national governing body for men’s and women’s lacrosse, has been notified by NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) that two lacrosse helmet models currently available in the marketplace — the Cascade Model R and the Warrior Regulator — do not meet the NOCSAE helmet standard, ND041.

NOCSAE’s public statement, available in its entirety at, says that the organization made its determination following an independent investigation and evaluation of the two helmets, including a review of each manufacturer’s internal testing and quality control data. As a result, NOCSAE has invalidated the manufacturer’s certification of compliance for all manufacturing dates for the two helmet models.

Playing rules written by US Lacrosse, the NCAA and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) mandate that all helmets must meet NOCSAE standards and be NOCSAE certified. Both models had previously been certified by the manufacturers as compliant with the NOCSAE standard.

NOCSAE’s statement adds that both Cascade and Warrior have been notified of these conclusions by NOCSAE, and have indicated that they are working to address the issue.

Consumers seeking further information about these two helmet models are advised to contact the manufacturers directly: Cascade (1-800-537-1702); Warrior (1-800-968-7845).

Warrior Sports gave this statement in response to the finding:

“Warrior Sports, Inc. has received notification from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) that the Warrior Regulator lacrosse helmet no longer complies with the applicable NOCSAE standards. We disagree with and are disappointed in NOCSAE’s decision. Warrior has always been committed to the highest safety standards for our products.

“Warrior’s Regulator helmet has passed numerous safety tests performed by ICS, an independent, certified and fully-accredited lab. ICS continues to stand behind those results and has repeatedly confirmed that the Regulator helmet meets all applicable NOCSAE standards, which applies to all Regulator helmets currently in the marketplace. Warrior is working with NOCSAE to clarify the concerns and find resolution quickly on behalf of our brand’s loyal customers and consumers.”

The Stik: A tool for lacrosse players to build strength, flexibility in the arms, hands, wrist and grip

By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/10/14

A potent training device created to help athletes – especially lacrosse players – build strength, flexibility and elasticity in the arms, hands, wrist and grip has been re-introduced to the public.

Jay Dyer demonstrates the Stik

Jay Dyer demonstrates the Stik

The Stik, moderately priced in three different models, has been endorsed by a Hall of Fame high school lacrosse coach as well as Jim McCrossin, the highly-regarded trainer and strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Flyers. The Stik has being used regularly by Flyers superstar Claude Giroux and two-time Stanley Cup champion Mike Richards, and according to McCrossin, has helped them improve their game.

John Nostrant, coach of the undefeated 2011 national champion Haverford School (PA) boys’ lacrosse team, has endorsed it. So has Villanova assistant coach Brian Samson, whose recently guided Conestoga to three straight Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association championships and reached the state finals in five of the past six years. One of Samson’s former players, 2014 Conestoga grad Christian Jobs, credited the Stik for helping him become an all-league face-off specialist.

Recently, renowned Johns Hopkins Strength and Conditioning coach Jay Dyer also became an endorser of The Stik. Dyer has been using The Stik with lacrosse players and with clients in his private business as a key part of his conditioning program. Dyer said boys and girls especially at the high school and college ages can benefit by using the Stik, which also has been used extensively for rehabilitation purposes.

Using The Stik for only minutes a day could help lacrosse players build strength in their forearms, upper arms, hands and wrist to improve the speed of their shot, fend off players, improve their strength at the face-off X, tighten their cradle and strengthen their check.

To learn more about the Stik or place an order, click here to access For instructional videos using the Stik, click here.

The Stik is available in three models. The 1-lb version is used for rehabilitation and the 3- and 5-lb models are used for training. You can use the Stik while watching TV, listening to music or even sitting on the bench during a game. The Stik is also easily adjustable and users can change the rate of tension for many different exercises.

F6r0er Conestoga senior face-off specialist Christian credits the Stik, a training tool, for helping him improve his game

“I look at some sports – in particular, lacrosse, baseball and golf – and those athletes rely a lot on their forearms and wrist and hand strength,” said Dyer. “It not only challenges the athlete from a strength standpoint, but it’s a piece of the puzzle in helping them develop as an athlete

“Everything you do in lacrosse is full body movement. You need strength and power throughout the entire body in order to do these movements. When it comes down to it, the final piece of the chain is your hands. They have to be strong whether you think of them as the starting point or end point.

“We have specific days we have our athletes doing forearm and grip work as part of their program. We feel it’s an important piece of developing your strength and developing as an athlete.”

Dyer said the Stik is also convenient and easy to use, adjust and carry, making it a valuable piece of any strength and conditioning program.

“It’s easy to use in regards to increasing or decreasing the tension pretty quickly,” he said. “You can pass it from one athlete to another based on their abilities as opposed to one of the old school lacrosse shafts with rope on it.

“You can have two athletes working at the same time. It’s pretty convenient because you can pass it on to the next guy and have them make adjustments.”

For more information on the Stik, including testimonials, instructions and directions, frequently asked questions and instructional videos, click here.

Editor’s note: This is the first of three stories this week detailing how the Stik can become a part of a strength and conditioning program for lacrosse players. The second story will appear Wednesday.

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.@EpochLax unveils limited edition Dragonfly Shafts, Posted 11/7/14
From Press Release

Epoch Lacrosse today unveiled Limited Edition White and Techno-Color MMXV Dragonfly Gen.5 C30 and C60 shafts. The shafts will be available in limited quantities at authorized Epoch retailers just in time for the holidays.

“We received thousands of requests from players through e-mail and social media to bring back the original all white color scheme used on our Gen.2 and Gen.3 Dragonfly shafts,” said Ryan Hurley, National Sales Representative at Epoch Lacrosse. “After talking with numerous players it was clear that they were choosing products with less technology in order to get the clean white look they loved. So, it was an easy decision to make our latest Gen.5 shaft technology available in all white and give them what they wanted.”Dragonfly

Epoch also found that players loved the crisp new graphics on the Dragonfly Gen.5 but wanted more colors to choose from. Enter the MMXV Gen.5 Dragonfly Techno-Color series of shafts. The Techno-Color series of shafts will feature yellow, red or blue graphics.

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Click for another YouTube video

About Epoch Lacrosse:

Epoch Lacrosse delivers the finest manufactured lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world-class materials and manufacturing techniques. Epoch tests and re-tests each of its designs to ensure optimal durability, playability and performance. Epoch’s goal is simple, to give players every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.

Visit to learn more about Epoch products.

.@EpochLax introduces the FireFly shaft, Posted 10/25/14
From Press Release

Epoch Lacrosse on Friday proudly introduced the newest member of its carbon fiber shaft family, the FireFly. The FireFly, which will retail for $100 msrp (30”) and $160 msrp (60” defensive shaft), has the same DNA and state of the art materials as Epoch’s revolutionary Dragonfly line of carbon fiber shafts. The FireFly is designed for the advancing player looking to make the jump from an alloy to a carbon fiber shaft.



“Up until recently manufacturing anything made out of carbon fiber has been very cost prohibitive for a large segment of the population,” said James Miceli, Principal at Epoch Lacrosse. “Our market research found that the only thing holding back players from making the jump to a carbon fiber shaft in the past has been the price point. It is only after years of refining the manufacturing process that we can now offer a mid-priced carbon fiber shaft that meets and exceeds the demands of players.”

The FireFly has a clean minimalistic look with bold new graphic treatments highlighting the FireFly name and the company’s “Live. Play. Be.” tag line. It will draw on Epoch’s popular concave geometry and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

“We pride ourselves on pushing the evolutionary boundaries of lacrosse equipment development,” added Miceli. “The FireFly is just one of several new products that we will be unveiling for the 2015 season.”

FireFly Fast Facts:

Length: 30”

Geometry: concave

Material: Composite/ Carbon Fiber

MSRP: FF-C30iQ5 – $100; FF-C60iQ8 – $160

Warranty: 1-Year

Colors: White

See the YouTube Video on the Firelfy

About Epoch Lacrosse:

Epoch Lacrosse delivers the finest manufactured lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world-class materials and manufacturing techniques. Epoch tests and re-tests each of its designs to ensure optimal durability, playability and performance. Epoch’s goal is simple, to give players every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.

Visit to learn more about Epoch and its products.

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You can also follow Epoch on Twitter @epochlax and check out their blog at

.@EpochLax introduces 2015 Dragonfly Gen.5 F30 face-off shaft for face-off specialists, Posted 10/17/14
From Press Release

Competition at the face-off X is fierce and the new NCAA rules will make hand speed and clamping power even more crucial. Epoch Lacrosse, today unveiled the 2015 Dragonfly Gen.5 F30 face-off shaft that is designed solely with the face-off specialist in mind.

Dragonfly Gen.5 F30-Face-Off Shaft

Dragonfly Gen.5 F30-Face-Off Shaft

Epoch picked the brains of its partners The Face-Off Factory and their staff of elite coaches to identify their wish list for a shaft. Epoch took its research to the next level by utilizing high-speed movie cameras to study the ergonomics and connection between a player’s hands in relation to the shaft to find the ideal balance between comfort, performance and durability. No expense was spared in designing the shaft. The 2015 Dragonfly Gen.5 F30 uses hi-grade carbon fiber materials and production techniques that are usually reserved for military grade products.

“It is really nice to see a company who actually listens to the people who use their products and goes out of their way to deliver a product that exceeds our expectations,” said Bryan Burkhart, founder of the Face-Off Factory. “We put this shaft into the hands of hundreds of youth, high school and Division I players this past summer and heard nothing but rave reviews.”

The game-changing F30 shaft with its MOTOGrip is designed to maximize clamping power and torque at the draw. The green color provides a contrasting color to a players gloves and head. The concave shaft on the lower half of the shaft provides a standard shape for comfortable passing and shooting after you win the draw and drive to the cage.

Here are some facts about the F30:

Length: 30”
Geometry: FOGO
Material: Composite/ Carbon FiberGen5
MSRP: $140
Flex: iQ5
Release Point: Uniform
Technology Platform: A.C.L. with Axis Technology
Reload Technology: Yes
Warranty: 1-Year
Colors: Carbon Gray

“Equipment manufacturers have pretty much ignored the face-off position over the years,” said James Miceli, Principal at Epoch Lacrosse. “We thought it was time that these hard working athletes get equipment custom tailored to meet the grueling demands of their position.”

Click here for video on the 2015 Dragonfly Gen.5 F30 face-off shaft

Gear news: Maverik University’s Drew Adams is “On the Crease”, Posted 3/25/13
From Press Release

Maverik Lacrosse is pleased to launch its latest instructional video “On the Crease” starring Maverik Athlete and Penn State All-American Drew Adams.

“Making 1 on 1 saves is one of the hardest, but most rewarding parts of being a goalie. Making just a few of these saves a game can make a big difference in the outcome,” said Adams.

In the video, Adams explains different techniques for playing 1 on 1 shots, which range from a traditional to more aggressive approach.

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“Drew has established himself as the premier goalie in the world. His size, athleticism, communication, and the mental edge he encompasses make him a game-changer. Drew not only makes the saves he should, he stops the opposition when he has no business doing so,” said Maverik Sports Marketing Director Paul Carcaterra.

Adams is a 2009 graduate of Penn State, where he was named an All-American 3 times, and ranks first in career saves with 694. Adams now plays in Major League Lacrosse for the New York Lizards, and was awarded the MLL goalie of the Year back to back years in 2011 and 2012.

Check out what’s in Drew’s Bag:

Helmet: CPXR
Head: Base
Shaft: Wonderboy
Gloves: Maybach Duece

College gear: Arcadia (PA) readies for first season of Division III lacrosse, Posted 1/21/13
From Staff Report and Press Release

The Arcadia University men’s lacrosse team released its inaugural game schedule and gave its exclusive look at the squad’s uniforms.

Arcadia opens play this spring in its first NCAA season

The Knights are preparing for the 2013 season, their first season as an intercollegiate program in the MAC Freedom Conference. Arcadia will play 15 regular season games, including six league games.

Warrior Tii helmet with watermark of the Castle

Warrior Tii helmet

“I am extremely excited to announce our inaugural schedule,” said Head Coach Drew Delaney. “The 2013 season will lay the foundation for our program. I believe we have put together a slate of non-conference games that will challenge our players and prepare us for the competition in the MAC Freedom.”

Custom Warrior Riot gloves

Warrior Tii helmet

The season gets underway on February 20th when the Knights play their first NCAA Division III game on Easton Field against Stockton. The MAC Freedom schedule gets underway on April 6th as they travel to face King’s. They will play their MAC Freedom home opener on April 10th as they face FDU-Florham for a 7pm face-off.

Acadia’s gear was made by Warrior, including the Warrior Tii helmet (grey), Custom Warrior Riot gloves, and Custom Warrior Uniforms. The helmet decals include a watermark, so to speak, of the historic Grey Towers Castle.

2013 Arcadia Men’s Lacrosse Schedule

2/20/13, 7PM, Richard Stockton, Glenside, PA, Easton Field
2/23/13, 1PM, at Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA

Custom Warrior Uniforms

3/2/13, 1 PM, at Albright College, Reading, PA
3/6/13, 7PM, Penn State Abington, Glenside, PA, Easton Field
3/20/13, 7PM, Rosemont College, Glenside, PA, Easton Field
3/23/13, 3PM, Alvernia University, Glenside, PA, Easton Field
3/27/13, 4PM, at Gwynedd-Mercy College, Gwynedd Valley, PA

4/3/13, 4:30PM, at Bryn Athyn, Bryn Athyn, PA
4/6/13, 1PM. MAC, at King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA
4/10/13, 7PM, MAC, Fairleigh Dickinson-College-Florham, Glenside, PA, Easton Field
4/13/13, 1PM, MAC, DeSales University, Glenside, PA, Easton Field
4/17/13, 7PM, MAC, at Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
4/20/13, 12PM, at Centenary College (New Jersey), Hackettstown, NJ
4/24/13, 3:30PM, MAC, at Eastern University, St. Davids, PA
4/27/13, 1PM, MAC, Misericordia University, Glenside, PA, Easton Field

Boathouse to feature two-way sublimated reversible short-sleeve game jersey at Lacrosse Convention, Posted 1/11/13
From Press Release

Boathouse Sports® ( will be featuring a unique two-way sublimated reversible short-sleeve game jersey at the US Lacrosse National Convention on January 11 – 13th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Stop by the Boathouse Sports booth (#448 in Hall “A”) to check out the two-way reversible game jersey, enter to win a GORE-TEX® Boathouse jacket and check out Boathouse’s complete line of lacrosse apparel. Coaches who open an online team store at the convention will also receive free Boathouse gear.

Boathouse two-way sublimated reversible short-sleeve game jersey

For the latest news and updates on Boathouse Sports products visit the Boathouse Facebook page or Website.

“Our two-way reversible jersey is a real game changing product,” said Doug Tibbetts, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boathouse Sports. “It gives teams the flexibility of changing the uniforms at moments notice while also providing them with an affordable alternative to purchasing both home and away uniforms.”

Boathouse’s new 2-way reversible jersey is constructed with its Versa-Dri fabric for its moisture wicking properties and ability to be sublimated on both sides of the jersey.

About Boathouse Sports®

Boathouse Sports creates custom team athletic apparel for elite athletes. Based in the city of Philadelphia since its inception in 1985, where it manufactures over 95% of its products, Boathouse has earned an exclusive customer base of schools, universities and teams.

Boathouse Sports continues to expand its reach as one of the fastest growing custom athletic apparel brands in the world. For Boathouse Sports current catalogs and promotions log onto

Gear News: Former Duke All-American signed by Maverik, Posted 1/10/13
From Press Release

Maverik Lacrosse is proud to announce the signing of Wings rookie CJ Costabile, a three-time All-American at Duke University and the 2012 recipient of the prestigious Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award, to its roster of elite lacrosse representatives.

CJ Costabile

Costabile will be signing autographs and meeting fans this Saturday, January 12th along with Maverik Athletes Billy Bitter, Jovan Miller and Drew Adams at the US Lacrosse National Convention in Philadelphia.

“CJ is a great example of what hard work and determination can lead to on the field and in the classroom,” said John Gagliardi, founder of Maverik Lacrosse. ” CJ’s overtime goal to win the NCAA championship is one of the most memorable goals in Lacrosse history. We are excited to have a player of his skill, leadership and love for the game as part of the Cascade and Maverik team.”

Over his four years at Duke, CJ’s hard work in the classroom earned him an All-Atlantic Coast Conference academic team selection and conference honor roll membership. In addition to his lacrosse and classroom commitments, CJ was an active volunteer in the Durham community. He and his teammates often made and served dinner to families at a local Ronald McDonald house and visited patients at the Duke Children’s Hospital.

“I am thrilled to join a company which is as dedicated to growing the game of lacrosse as it is to creating the most advanced equipment on the market,” said CJ. “It’s is an honor to be working with such an All-Star team of athletes to help advance the Maverik message and contribute to the growth of the game.”

Costabile’s on the field resume is as impressive as his classroom achievements. In 2012, CJ was a First-Team All-American and ACC Co-Defensive Player of the Year and recorded a team-high 137 ground balls. CJ was also named the recipient of the 2012 Lt. Donald McLaughlin, Jr. Award as the nation’s most outstanding midfielder.

In that same year he was also a 2012 Tewaaraton finalist. However, CJ will always be remembered in lacrosse history for his 2011 face-off win and game winning goal in overtime against Notre Dame to lead Duke to their first ever NCAA National Championship.

During his four years at Duke, Costabile posted a .531 career face-off percentage, 368 career ground balls and 65 caused turnovers. CJ grew up in Connecticut and played for New Fairfield H.S., winning a state championship his senior year. He also was named as a “Top 10” recruit by Inside Lacrosse magazine in 2008 and was selected to play for the U-19 U.S. National team.

Gear news: OdorBalance announces revolutionary way to clean and protect new and used sports equipment, Posted 12/11/12
From Press Release

OdorBalance® today announced a revolutionary new way to clean and protect new and used sports equipment, in the washing machine.

It is as easy as adding OdorBalance® Offense & Defense gear wash to the detergent and fabric softener receptacles in your washing machine and letting it do the work for you.

“We are constantly looking for new applications for our products,” said Philadelphia Wings standout Drew Westervelt, founder of OdorBalance® and attackman on the 2012 Major League Lacrosse Championship Chesapeake Bayhawks. “Our products are easy to use, efficient and the most effective athletic equipment and apparel cleaning products on the market. Bottom line, they are state of the art and are second to none.”

OdorBalance’s Offense & Defense products both utilize the company’s proprietary Bactishield™ technology. OdorBalance’s proprietary technology, BactiShield™ provides a durable, bonded, long lasting barrier against odors caused by bacteria on gear, apparel and footwear.


OdorBalance® and its sister company BactiBarrier® were founded in 2011 by professional lacrosse player Drew Westervelt and cleaning industry professionals Doug McGettigan and Doug Bradford. OdorBalance® products can be purchased online <> or at a retail store.