CROOKED ARROWS alert: Listen to podcast of co-producer on release of first mainstream lacrosse movie, Posted 5/9/12

On May 18 the lacrosse world will be filling theaters to watch the first mainstream lacrosse movie, CROOKED ARROWS.

Last week, Editor Chris Goldberg had the privilege of interviewing CROOKED ARROWS Co-Producer Mitchell Peck about the movie on his national radio show, “Lax High.” The show, available at any time on podcast at this link, details how the movie was written and developed and then shot last summer with real lacrosse players and a starring role for Brandon Routh, of Superman fame.

The feel-good movie focuses on Routh taking an underachieving native American lacrosse team and turning it into a squad that challenges the top prep school team in New York for the state championship. The movie has appeal for lacrosse players and fans, and those who just like a good story and have never picked up a lacrosse stick or seen a swim dodge or a draw control in their lives.

The official movie debut for CROOKED ARROWS is May 18th in many lacrosse regions. The nationwide release is on June 1.

For all the information about the movie, see the CROOKED ARROWS website at Group tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

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