Gear Safety: SG 360 soft headgear helmet for women integrates with protective eyewear, Posted 3/23/12

The SG360 is the first soft headgear designed to integrate perfectly with the Mandatory protective eye wear/goggles in women’s lacrosse and field hockey.

SG 360 soft headgear

The SG360, which is deemed as acceptable gear by US Lacrosse, provides 360 degrees of padded protection to buffer player’s heads from incidental contact from sticks and collisions that might otherwise cause injury. The SG360 will give your players the protection and confidence they need to have fun and excel at the game they love.

1. 360 degrees of nytrolyte protection from sticks and collisions
2. First head gear designed to work perfectly with women’s lacrosse/field hockey eye protection goggles
3. Light weight
4. Fits snug and super adjustable
5. Easy to take on and off like a baseball cap
6. Moisture wicking and anti-microbial treated interior
7. Available in two sizes:
Youth 13 and under 19”-22” head circumference
Adult over 13 21”-25” head circumference
8. Works with most women’s lacrosse/ field hockey protective goggles
9. MSRP $69.99 ea
10. Available in 5 colors: Black, red, silver, navy, and royal blue.

Contact: HRP Sports, PO Box 190, Somersworth, NH 03878. Visit: 800-352-5525

The SG360 is not a helmet and will not protect players from catastrophic skull, brain, MBTI Injuries or concussions. No product can prevent all head, face or neck injuries a player might receive while participating in Lacrosse or field hockey. Do not use this product to butt, ram or spear an opposing player. These are all violations of women’s lacrosse and field hockey rules and such use can result in severe head or neck injuries, paralysis or death to you and possibly injury to your opponent.

There is a risk that injury may also occur as a result of an accidental contact without intent to butt, ram or spear. This protective equipment is designed to reduce the risk of injury only to the specific body part which it covers. No equipment can prevent all injuries. Use of this equipment does not guarantee protection from serious, disabling, or permanent injury. Any modifications or alteration could reduce protection. If damaged the product should be replaced.

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